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Ballers Season 5: Dwayne Johnson announces the end of the series

The HBO series “Ballers”, played by Dwayne Johnson as an American football agent, will end at the end of the fifth season. The former wrestler confirmed this on his Instagram account.

The new football season and Dwayne Johnson’s ballers series. The film ended not long ago, and there has been a trailer! There, we found a Spencer (Johnson) who came to Las Vegas nervously and signed a contract that seemed to be his life.

The Ballet, produced for HBO, is the only work that has entered the small screen novel in the rock industry. The series was restored on July 23 and the next day on OCS.

Dwayne Johnson is currently facing the destruction of the San Andreas fault, and he will soon come to another equally turbulent world: American football. But on the small screen, thanks to the ballers series, it is expected to be broadcast on HBO on Sunday, June 21. This comedy directed by Mark Wahlberg reminds us of the people around us. It will lead us to follow a group of athletes and let the actor show great physical strength and a sense of humor in many feature films. Or the trailer of his last big movie, he came in a fire truck.

Dwayne Johnson has just started shooting Baywatch, a film adapted from the Malibu Alert series. He released the first picture of ballers in the second season for HBO. This trailer announced the ruthless conflict between Spencer (Johnson) and a character named Andre, who was played by Andy Garcia with a beard… HBO has not announced the date but only said that the play will return this summer. In 2015, the ballers were launched on June 21.

There is no sixth season for Ballers. This HBO comedy exploring the backstage of American football will end at the end of the fifth season, which was confirmed on the Instagram of Dwayne Johnson, the star of the program. It is worth mentioning that this series tells the story of the former wrestler. He is a former player. After a serious injury forced him to retire early, he became a sports agent again.

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