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Better call Saul on Netflix: fans can’t recover from the previous episode

The broadcast of the last episode of “Better Call Sol” has caused wide repercussions on social media. What do the fans think of the long-awaited final?

Please note that the latest episode of the Better Call Saul series available on Netflix is described in detail below. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know its content, it is strongly recommended that you stop reading this article now.

Almost a decade after the Breaking Bad finale aired, its prequel Better Call Saul unveiled its final episode this week. Farewells are necessarily expected by fans of both series, especially since the action of this episode takes place after the plot of the parent series, and the film El Camino (dedicated to Jesse Pinkman’s run to Alaska ).

For several weeks, many wondered about the fate of Saul Goodman (real name Jimmy McGill, but also responding to the name of Gene Takavic). Hidden in the depths of Nebraska, the crooked former lawyer could not resist the temptation to set up new scams. Reckless risk-taking for a man actively sought by the police and the drug cartels.

Succeeding Breaking Bad was no small feat, and yet Better Call Saul is generally considered by its fans to be even more successful. But before entering the legend definitively, the series had to take care of its exit, to avoid remaining on the image of a disappointing finale such as that of Game of Thrones.

Almost ten years after the end of Breaking Bad, the time has come for its prequel Better Call Saul to give us its final episode. Although less publicized than its model, the series devoted to the crooked lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is generally considered more successful than the parent series, a finding that applies even more particularly to the final season of the program. .

Conceived as a prequel to Breaking Bad, therefore, Better Call Saul nevertheless developed as a narrative red thread a plot taking place after the death of Walter White and the escape of Jesse Pinkman in Alaska (as shown in the film El Camino).

Saul, whose real name is Jimmy McGill, now calls himself Gene Takavic, and works in a mall in the depths of Nebraska; but the latter’s past will eventually catch up with him when he is recognized by a passerby, to whom he will offer to become his new partner.

For several weeks already, the idea of ​​a happy ending seemed more than illusory to us, while the evil nature of Jimmy/Saul/Gene took over in a series of scams, in particular towards a poor man suffering from cancer; determined to rob anyone, and this without any ounce of remorse, the former lawyer wanted to escape justice until the end, before being caught by the police… hidden in dumpster garbage!

A fitting end for such a scoundrel… Returning to Saul while facing the Albuquerque prosecutor, and Marie Shrader (Hank’s widow, and also Walter’s sister-in-law), the latter recalled that he is a genius lawyer, if not an honest and conventional lawyer like his brother Charles McGill, by managing to negotiate a sentence of only 7 years in prison when the list of his bonuses seemed to guarantee him to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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