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Blacklist renewed for a season 9

While only 3 episodes of season 8 have been broadcast to date across the Atlantic, the American channel NBC has already renewed “Blacklist” for a season 9. The series with James Spader and Megan Boone still has great days ahead of her.

Will Liz Keane finally discover the truth about Raymond Reddington? When the series directed by James Spade and Megan Boone has just been renewed for the ninth season by NBC, blacklisted fans have to ask this question for some time. This news was released when only three episodes of the eighth season were broadcast outside the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite the decline in ratings, “Blacklist” created by Jon Bokenkamp is still an important series of NBC. The first episode of the eighth season, which was broadcast on November 13 last year, attracted 7.5 million viewers. According to the deadline, the ratings of the first two episodes, the priority target of 18-49 years old, averaged 1.2. For Sony and NBC Universal, the two major production and distribution companies, Blacklist is still a strong brand, with very good international sales, especially through a juicy deal with Netflix.

The news about the ninth season has not been released yet, but there are signs that the writers have some ideas that can surprise us. Just like the eighth season, it recently repackaged the cards, sacrificed an important person in the story, and created a new momentum between Red and Liz. Before the fourth episode is broadcasted, it is expected to be broadcasted in the United States on Friday, January 29, and the number one person on Raymond’s list will finally be revealed.

Good news for blacklist fans! NBC has just announced that the police series will be broadcast in season 10, which was released when season 9 is currently broadcast across the Atlantic.

James Spader, the star and chief producer of the show, confirmed that he would return to the new series, which would be staged again without Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keane). Elizabeth Keen left the blacklist at the end of the eighth season, and there was no designer Jon Bokenkamp. John Eisendrath has been the leading actor of this thriller since its release, and he will also be replayed in the 10th episode of this season, which will make this series reach the threshold of 200 episodes.

Since its launch, blacklist has always been one of NBC’s security values. Nine episodes of the ninth season have been broadcast, with an average audience of 5.05 million. The main feature of this series is the delay, with the audience rating exceeding 9 million per episode.

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