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Castle: two years later, Stana Katic still says she is “hurt” by the brutal end of the series

Although she is now the headliner of a new series, Absentia, Stana Katic has still not digested the end of Castle, which came as a surprise almost two years ago. When questioned by EW, she said she “still didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind the way things turned out” and was “hurt” by this “difficult abrupt end”.

Remember: after eight years of loyal service, the female star of the series is thanked by ABC in a funny way since the chain simply does not offer to return for a possible season 9 while her sidekick, Nathan Fillion is in advanced negotiations. The argument put forward: budgetary restrictions. Because for the series to continue, its costs must be drastically reduced. But finally, ABC decides to cancel it at the end of its season 8, thus offering to the fans of the first hour a happy ending to the adventures of the novelist detective and his policewoman of the wife. A sequel to the series, without Katic, would likely have seen Beckett die on the final cliffhanger of Season 8, in order to explain his absence.

With that conclusion, she said into our microphone at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival: “For me, this series has always been about a love story, that was the heart of its subject. The characters are always together. and that’s the logical trajectory of things, the one that I like. And I hope that in the end that’s what the public will remember because that’s the most important. ”

If a little touch of bitterness remains, Stana Katic prefers to keep the best of this experience, which allowed her to see her career explode: “It was a very formative adventure (…) I can only be happy to ‘to have been a part of it. I hope that will also remain something special in the hearts of viewers forever. “

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