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Dragon Ball: This fan movie is one of the most impressive movies ever made

Discover an incredible fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly in “Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale”, a 10-minute animated short film that required 4 years of work from its director!

“To all the kids who believed they could train in a gravity 100 times greater than Earth’s, and to all the artists who recorded episodes of Dragon Ball Z before hitting pause to redesign their favorite heroes, this film is dedicated to you.”

It is with this pretty little dedication full of nostalgia that Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale opens, a ten-minute animated film made as an amateur by Naseer Pasha – a real fan of the universe created by Akira Toriyama – and by his team.

4 years of hard work were needed to bring this little gem to life, which should normally give chills to anyone who grew up with the adventures of Goku and Vegeta.

In this stunningly animated short film, the time of an epic fight at the world martial arts championship, we find the two famous Saiyans facing one of their most formidable enemies: the terrifying Broly. Naseer Pasha’s film even allows us to discover an unprecedented and visually very impressive transformation of Goku.

I hope this young director (following on Instagram) can continue his excellent work and provide us with more similar adventures inspired by the world of dragon ball. Meanwhile, Toriyama’s role will be replayed on the big screen in October next year, starring in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with Gohan and Piccolo as the center.

Since its debut at Dorothy Club, Dragon Ball has always been the flagship license of Japanese animation. Over the years, Dragon Ball has experienced many derivative products: Dragon Ball Z (the adventure of growing up with the hero Gok รบ), the latest official sequel Dragon Ball Super, not to mention the unofficial series Dragon Ball GT broadcast in the late 1990s.

Whether you are a fan from the start, a simple nostalgic viewer of the series that rocked your childhood, or a viewer who recently discovered the franchise via Dragon Ball Super, do not hesitate to test your knowledge of the Dragon Ball universe. by trying to classify in chronological order of appearance these different incarnations of the super-warrior Goku.

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