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Has Klaus returned for the final of the series? Original actors spread suspicion

The last episode of “Legacy” is coming, and the fans have only one idea: the return of Claus Mickelson. For them, without the last appearance of the Father of Hope, it is impossible to complete the Vampire Diary universe.

After CW announced the cancellation of the legacy, ShowRunner Julie Plec announced on Twitter that the final episode of the series would be the real ending for fans. She also shared such a fact: “For long-term fans of vampire diaries, some surprises may surprise them.”

It didn’t take long for speculation to start on the side of viewers who would like the return of key characters from the universe like Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) or Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) the father of Hope (Danielle Rose Russell ) according to TVLine.

These theories seem to have attracted the attention of actor Joseph Morgan, who recently published an article on Twitter: “First of all, I haven’t seen the actor of Vampire Diary Universe for several years, at least I can assure you that I haven’t seen him personally.” Before adding, “All these guesses will drive you crazy. Don’t listen to those theories that have no meaning for hidden code. Everyone knows Klaus Mickelson is dead.”

After this mysterious information, the actor shared a video, which fans believe is the new evidence of his return as Klaus. In fact, they noticed that the first letter of his sentence created the word “heritage”. For them, Joseph Morgan’s wink at the end of the video confirms all their theories.

So, will fans of Vampire Diaries, Originality, and Legacy find Klaus before the end of the album? Reply to CW on June 16.

Find the complete vampire diary on Salto and Prime Video. Complete original works can also be found on Prime Video. The heritage disappeared in Sophie.

After confirming the cancellation of the first tweet, Julie Plack expressed her broader feelings through a thread on the weekend. In this thread, she thanked all the teams for their work and the fans who have followed her for many years.

“For actors and teams. Some people have been part of this family since the first day of the Vampire Diary in 2009. Weddings on the way, children born, the friendship we have established, and hopefully more stories.” She shared, “There are fans. Without them, it doesn’t matter. I’m honored to tell you these stories.”

The creator also wanted to reassure fans of Legacies: the last episode of season 4 broadcast on June 16 on the CW will conclude the series well. Indeed, the American channel had previously warned the team of the series of a potential cancellation, thus allowing the writers to prepare a suitable end to the story of Hope Mikaelson.

The last episode has therefore been written and prepared to close the spin-off of The Originals and satisfy the fans. Julie Plec has already announced that this last episode will be full of surprises: “I can speak for Legacies by saying that Brett Matthews, the writing team, and myself have put all kinds of love into it. And there are a few surprises for long-time The Vampire Diaries fans that might blow your mind.


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