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Mayans M.C. : Why was Kurt Sutter, the co creator, removed from the show?

This is the story of a series. At first, a kind of Hamlet, the son of anarchy, was transferred to the cycling industry in California together with Charlie Hennan and Ron Perlman. This series is really popular and has been broadcast for seven seasons on the American cable TV channel FX. Ezekiel Reyes’s start-up course is called “EZ”. He is a young bandit just been released from prison and a young recruit of the Maya Motorcycle Club. Eze was eager to retaliate against the cartel and quickly fell into a violent world regardless of his father Felipe’s wishes.

Kurt Sartre is the creator of the son of anarchy; At the beginning of this series, he was unknown, but he still made weapons with shield cults. His rough writing and elaborate dialogue played an important role in the success of The Son of Anarchy. His growing reputation opened the door for him to enter Hollywood: in 2015, he signed the script of Antoine Fuqua’s film La Rage au End.

In September 2018, a film named Mayan M.C. came out a few months after the last episode of The Son of Anarchy was broadcast; This program, co-created by Elgin James, tells about the daily life of a group of Latin American cyclists at the US-Mexico border.

From the very beginning, Kurt Sartre announced that he intended to gradually withdraw from the management of the project. He thought that a white man was writing a series of programs focusing on Latin characters, which was disturbing. In the summer of 2019, when talking about this, he said: “It’s time for white people to leave”. At that time, he announced that if the Maya renewed their contract in the third season, he would resign as a speaker.

But things didn’t go according to plan. On October 17, 2019, our Hollywood reporter colleagues exclusively disclosed the news of Kurt Sutter’s deportation. Sutter was convicted of “improper” and “unprofessional” behavior by FX management’s internal investigation.

In a letter published in the American media, Sartre admitted some of his mistakes and called himself a “abusive bastard”, in which he announced that he would leave the series. He believed that his decision to resign was “counterproductive” and was the main reason for his forced resignation.

Therefore, in the absence of a co-creator, the Mayan M.C. series will continue, thanks to FX (now the property of Disney Group), after 18 years of good and loyal service. However, the Mayan M.C. will soon rebound, because he will soon direct the movie “The Beast” for Netflix according to his own script, which is a horror story film with free inspiration derived from the myth of the Garden beast.

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