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She-Hulk on Disney +: is a season 2 planned? The creator answers us!

What was your inspiration for writing the final episode of She-Hulk?

Jessica Gao: It was not an easy task because we didn’t really know how to end the first season. I was afraid that Kevin Feige would force me to do a classic ending like in all Marvel movies or series. On the contrary, he encouraged me to go in the direction that seemed logical to me compared to the rest of the series and that’s when I had the idea to dive into the metaverse and the AI. Kevin really wanted this series to be one of a kind in the Marvel universe.

Jon, do you have any regrets that you didn’t fight in Hulk mode at the end? How would you have imagined this scene with Hulkking?

Jon Bass: No, no regrets as much as I love this ending, it’s a stroke of genius. I have no regrets. Either way, he’ll find a way to ruin Jennifer’s life again. And then, it was a dream to become a Hulk, it will remain anchored in me forever.

Has the sometimes negative fan feedback affected your writing?

Jessica Gao: Not really, because we really wrote everything before the fans got excited on social media. It was not a problem and it will not change the continuation of the adventures of She-Hulk.

How do you see these fans who are against female superheroes, like your character?

Jon Bass: I know how to keep my cool and stay cool. I focus on my character and our series without letting all this toxicity affect my good mood.

Do you think we’ll see She-Hulk in another Marvel movie or series? And what about a season 2?

Jessica Gao: I can’t answer for sure because it’s Kevin Feige who decides what happens in the Marvel universe. But I hope that we will still be entitled to Marvel adventures with She-Hulk. The end of this episode of season 1 will leave you wondering…

What would be the important message of this series for you?

Jon Bass: It’s a critique of the toxic fan culture that can ruin someone’s life. It should be banned, as She-Hulk says so well in this final episode. It’s a real chance to be part of a series that addresses important topics. In any case, I hope the fans have a good time because it is above all great entertainment.

Jessica Gao: It’s really a series that shows the duality of personality that can inhabit us. How someone like Jennifer Walters has to deal with this new dual identity and how her life is totally transformed overnight. It’s really on the journey of this young woman who tries to find inner peace and accept who she has become. I hope viewers will come to relate to her and have some compassion for She-Hulk.

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