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SYFY Cancel “Sanctuary”

This is the official news: American TV station SYFY has decided not to order the fifth season for Sanctuary. Dr. Magnus will no longer pursue the creatures living in our world…

Sanctuary fans will not have the chance to find their favorite series next season. Indeed, the cable channel SyFy has just announced on Monday that it will not be renewing Sanctuary, thus putting an end to four years of good and loyal service for Doctor Helen Magnus and her team, who will no longer be able to study wandering creatures. on earth. Mark Stern, Head of Programs at SyFy, commented on the decision, “We are honored to be part of this incredible series. Sanctuary has done more than garner unparalleled devotion from fans across the She has established herself as a true pioneer, proposing new television standards thanks to very innovative production techniques (…) and special effects which have earned her an Emmy nomination (… ) It has been an exceptional journey and we look forward to collaborating with Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood and Damian Kindler on new projects.”

Initially, a simple web series born in 2007, SyFy decided to adapt Sanctuary for television, given its immense success on the internet. Thus the network ordered thirteen episodes from the beginning of the year 2008. The series was then noticed by the use of digital cameras of the RED type, much more sophisticated than those in HD. In addition, Sanctuary stood out from other shows by the preponderant use of green screens to facilitate filming and avoid the use of real sets (later recreated by computer graphics). The adventure ended with season 4, which concluded in December 2011, in front of 1.2 million viewers.

After the announcement, the main actors Amanda Taping (Helen Magnus), Robin Dunn (Will Zimmerman), and Ryan Robbins (Henry Fox) thanked their fans for their support through their Twitter accounts. Therefore, the nostalgic trip to the Temple can be found here: “All the fans of @ sanctuary series, we love you, and we love you. Thank you for your love and support”, “You made us experience a great adventure”, “All your information is unbelievable. You are always unbelievable.”

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