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The Last Kingdom : A Funny Welcome Joke by UTHRED to a Young Actor

New faces have joined the final season of The Last Kingdom on. And the elders used a hilarious ploy to welcome them.

The Last Kingdom adventure has come to an end (or almost) with the release of the final season before the concluding film Seven Kings Must Die. For this fifth and final season, the British series has called on new faces like Ewan Horrocks (Aelfweard), Phia Saban (Aelfwynn), Patrick Robinson (Father Benedict), Sonya Cassidy (Eadgifu) but also Harry Gilby (Æthelstan).

He was warmly welcomed by veteran actors in the cast, including Alexander Drammen, who plays hero Uthred of Bebbanburg. In an interview with Globe Britain, the German actor revealed a joke he played for young people, especially Harry Gilby, who is a clown with some props:

I can tell you how we welcomed Harry Gilby, who plays Æthelstan. He’s brilliant. It was easy to make fun of others from the beginning because they didn’t know that you could cheat them. We knew his makeup test was coming, so our makeup artist prepared for him for the first time and sent the photos to the producer for approval… We found the photos of Prince Arthur in the spa series Princess Nish [has a black Bob and bangs]. ”

It can be seen from the picture above that Alexander and others asked the makeup artist to prepare wigs for poor Harry Gilby. Gilby dared not say too much: “He has a small hairstyle. At first, he was too shy, and he did not know how much he had a say in such matters.”

However, according to Alexander Dreymon, Harry Gilby hesitated when preparing a wig for his role in Thelstan: “He always said, ‘Are you sure? Because I think he should be a soldier, not a real soldier. He doesn’t look tough.”.

Alexander Drammen and others kept the farce going as long as possible so that Harry Gilby no longer believed what he or others might have said to him. Fortunately, this joke was finally made public, and Harry finally got his real clothes. He played “Thelstan” in the last season of his last kingdom.

After five seasons in the last kingdom, Alexander Dreymon from Bebanburg finally achieved his goal. Since he grew up in the Vikings, the hero of the British novels series, Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon’s Stories, has faced many obstacles to pursure his destiny closely linked with the British ideal alliance.

Although the struggle with Constantine seemed to determine Utherid’s future, and he was ready to die in the flames of the enemy army, the gods made a different decision, scattering rain on the battlefield. This sacred sign confirms that Utherid is the leader of peace between the Saxons and Danes. Therefore, he successfully reached an agreement with Constantine and was congratulated by King Edward.

But when he learned why Constantine gave up his control over Northumbury, Utherid swore that he would not give his land to any party, but stayed between England and Scotland as a buffer and neutral land to ensure peace. In the end, Utherred ended Lord Northumbury with the cheers of the people.

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