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Why do people still buy DVDs?

Sometimes people are unable to pay for the internet. Or miss payments. So buying the DVDs they can still watch it even when they don’t have internet. Some people collect different things for hobbies. Like jewelry, stamps, action figures etc. They enjoy things other people don’t. But why they buy DVDs. Maybe they can’t afford to stream. And can only afford the DVD or they are just like, they love to collect.

For people living in remote villages that do not get high-speed internet, the connection will be slowed down tremendously. In my opinion, I believe Blu-rays and DVDs give you a sense of belonging to your movies, and you can watch them without a stable high-speed internet connection, streaming has come a long way, but it’s not as reliable as physical media.

The DVDs are extremely cheap, especially at DVDsetwholesale, you can build a pretty extensive collection of movies. DVD players are also extremely cheap nowadays. Some people just like to collect them. They like the joy of having a variety of DVDs to share with their friends.

Many people also have multiple DVD players in their homes. Most people are reluctant to replace all these devices. Some game consoles also come with a Blu-ray player, so when you buy a new DVD, you can watch it on these devices conveniently.

Streaming services actually offer a very limited number of titles. New releases are often delayed compared to physical media releases. Combining the above points, you’re left with quite a number of people who will be purchasing these films on DVD.

In my experience, looking for older, more obscure/world movies on streaming services is often difficult or impossible to find, meaning that it’s easier, or in some cases, only available on DVD. When they want to buy a title that they don’t care or it’s not a must-have or they’re not sure whether they will like it or not then they almost always go for a DVD if available.

As for DVDs over streaming, some people like to own the physical part of the movie, some people need subtitles, and the streaming versions might not have that included. I love looking at the case and analyzing every detail of the case and disc. That’s why I put streaming under the physical disc. I understand that streaming may replace discs, just as discs replaced VHS.

Still, more important than owning the tangible parts of a movie is the experience of actually watching it. If you watch TV series on streaming media, you have definitely encountered buffering due to network reasons. It’s much more convenient to buy a DVD, put it in the player and watch it than to pay Netflix, they don’t have to worry about their streaming services’ downtime maintenance or just when they don’t have access to a good internet connection. DVDs will always work as long as they have a working DVD player and discs and a TV. So I stick to optical discs.

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